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We are non-performing SONGWRITERS ...  All correspondence to

Who were heavily influenced by JAZZ musicians and the GREAT artists from other genres. Our roots are traditional with a twist of the new. We hope we can add something to today's scene. Because we know it's extremely rare when writers who do not perform, can come up with original Jazz 'Heads' worthy of looking into.


Here's one for you Trumpet players!




Ode to the great CLIFFORD BROWN in Dminor

Song #1 "Clifford's Chant" ( It has Lyrics ) Make it your OWN!

(Computerized Sample)

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This trumpet phenom was killed in a car crash at the age of 25!

Clifford Brown blazed across the Jazz sky ...and suddenly he was gone. Think of all the songs he never got to do!

Are you that special Singer to do this tribute song?

Make a request - you have nothing to lose.

Of any song on this Website

"These songwriters don't copy or emulate anyone. I find them VERY Original!  If I had the money, I'd produce and record their music myself."

Siegel B/ Chicago Radio

Suggested Artists for "CLIFFORD"



The music world needs NEW good Jazz & Pop material. It's starving for it. We believe we can add something to the pot.

Not just Jazz ...


(All Original)

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Songs to improve your BAND!

You can't do COVERS & STANDARDS all the time - it will get VERY boring.

Check out this JAZZ/BLUES

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