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 by Cy Green & J Miller




Imagine George Gershwin collaborating with Paul McCartney ...


they might come up with a song like this.

"Laid Back & Cool - No Feminine Insults!"

KEYS: C minor/ Eb maj/ D minor/


Now here I am alone - all alone in my bed,

You know I'm feelin' like I was dead.

Oh send me a lover and she got to be sweet,

to kiss her all over from her head right down to her feet.



I imagine women sweet as grapes on a vine.

Wait 'til she's ready - like good vintage wine.

I taste all that sweetness when i drop to my knees,

and all I can say is - I' m livin' the dream!


 FANTASY LOVERS, Where do you come from?

FANTASY LOVERS so tanned by the sun.

My mind's on fire, I'm burnin' inside,

and wrapped up in the magic and the

beauty of the night.

                           (SOLOS or MUSIC BREAK)

Who are all these ladies who just know how to please.

They know  what a man needs and never do tease.

They got all this voodo and it's deep in their eyes,

to tempt me to madness until i die!

                         (Chorus 2)

And I'm in heaven, the light is so bright.

This is a dream world and we are the night.

I feel so good now ...


Don't know of a young singer in this era who has the "chops" to sing "FANTASY"

It was written in 1980 and improved on ever since.



These Gentlemen come to mind even at their age ...

Tom Jones

Al Green

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