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"SLAP ME DOWN" by cy green

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Key B







This is a funky little thing you can have some FUN with. 

After 8 Bar INTRO



E7/ A7/ Em7/ F#7 G#7

BMaj/ Bb7/ A7/ Bm7



E7/ A7/ Em7/ Asus A9

Dmaj G#m7/ Em7 A7/ B7/ C#m7 B7



Em7/ Bm7/ Em7/ F#m7

A7/ B7/ Ebm7 F#m7/ Bm7



E7/ A7/ Em7/ A7

Dmaj Bm7/ Em7/ A7/ B7



         (To SOLOS) 


These are not MIDI samples played by a real person. They are done with FINALE Notepad.

We also welcome High school and College BAND LEADERS

to try this one!

 Off the top of my head ... Advise to a Songwriter.

This is from TAXI MUSIC!!


Gear your songs to the style of - they drop names and song titles. Love the line "Listen to the radio."

Yeah, and hear the worst stuff you can imagine. THIS is the problem with music and why everything is re-hash, and really good stuff gets overlooked. It's been going on since DJ's took payola and force fed our youth a ton of garbage.

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