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"Wacko World"

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Humorous ROCK/BLUES song.

Scratch Vocal, not a Pro


Definitely not politially correct!

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Melody, Chords, Lyrics

Even in a poor economy - YOU CAN STILL HATE YOUR JOB!

(It's a) Wacko World

This is an ATTITUDE song!

STRUCTURE: Verse/Chorus/Bridge/Chorus



(After SOLOS)



You know my bosses brain fits right on a pin.

I said his brain is so small - fits right on a pin.

and if he gets in my face now,

he will know the mood I'm in!

Now he comes to work - Whiskey on his breath.   (OPTION LYRIC)  So I guess it's time - time to have some fun.

He comes to work now - Whiskey on his breath.      I guess it's time - time to have some fun.

Now the man could use a good 'whupin' -                He needs a good whupin', 

I'll take him to the test!                                             'cause he's just so damn dumb!



Oh I'll smack him once - better make it twice!

Then slug-a-dub dub him 'til he's outta' my sight.

The man's so ugly - please help me Lord,

and save him a beatin'  and not break the law.



I don't take no crap - take me to the jail.

No, I don't take no crap  now - take me on to jail .

You see I'm feelin' mighty mean

and tough as steel nails!



It's this WACKO WORLD makin' me so crude.

Yeah, it's this WACKO WORLD makin' me so crude.

I need all 'a God's angels ... I said I need all 'a God's angels ... to take

away my mood!!




Suggested Artists:

Buddy Guy

Eddie C Campbell

Leon Brooks

                                          A FUNKY Jazz group could also do

                                            "WACKO WORLD"

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