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"Don't Ever Leave Me"  ( Has Lyrics)

by Eddie Tobin & Cy Green

Swing Tune ala BASIE/SINATRA

Jack Cassidy, Tpt  Paul Coscino, Pn

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Cy Green is a self-taught songwriter who cannot play an instrument. Born and raised in Chicago,he now lives in the western suburbs. It took 15 years of work before 3 songs were published in 1993. He and Jimmy Miller signed a one year song(s) contract. The publisher decided to push other formats of music, and never signed a recording Artist to their material.


Other interested song publishers did not know what field to place some of their songs. JAZZ? POP? Adult Contemporary? And on one song, it was: "Let's modify the chords, alter the rhythm and make it COUNTRY." That was it for music publishers!


Songs were then submitted directly to visiting Artists performing in Chicago. But for some strange reason, they never approached a MUSICIAN ( Group Leader.) They got really close with Jazz Singers MARK MURPHY and KEVIN MAHOGANY, but it never happen.

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Jack                 Cassidy

Jack Cassidy

Gary Novak

Jim Gailoretto

      Paul Coscino                              Jim Gailloretto

Redd Holt


Rob Amster

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Bill Acosta

Sam Gibson

Joannie Pallatto

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